13 Billboards You Really Need To See

These amazingly creative Outdoor Billboard Campaigns speak for themselves. Let’s hope they motivate you for your next campaign with Frontseat Group. You think it, we execute it!! Let’s work together in transforming the roads of South Africa with the most innovative forms of advertising.

Each with a story to tell, take the time to read the campaigns illustrated on each billboard, it’s truly worth it in all its witty, sarcasm.

1. Spotify

2. Delta

3. Hinge

4. Smirnoff

5. Netflix

6. Twist

This agency put up billboards that featured single words or phrases you might find on a grocery list—orange juice, butter, paper towels—over scenic natural backgrounds like mountains, deserts and forests.

The ads were posted with a simple web address where visitors  were asked how they felt about the billboards on social media. This turned out to be pretty interactive and created a large buzz for the brand – including a flood of resume applications into the company.

7. Kiwi

Visuals focused on the shoes of each subject – symbolizing Kiwi Shoe polish. Simple but smart!

8. 37.5 Technology

A seriously remote almost impossible to access pop-up shop on a cliff called the Cliffside shop.

9. Jose Cuervo

This tequila brand took it’s product to the streets. So you can imagine what happened  next. lol

10. Lyft

11. Calvin Klein

12. Woodland: Climbing Shoes 

13. Anando Milk Superhuman Powers


We hope you enjoyed these visuals :)

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