Signage in the Future

Fernando Barbella decided to give himself a preview of the future. 
In a project he calls Signs From the Future, Barbella, a digital creative director in Barcelona, first collected a series of photographs that depict everyday scenes from cities all around the world. Then, he added signage that he imagines might soon be coming to a street or business near you: a nod from the personal drones, self-driving cars (which are already making a mark) and 3D-printed everything that we’re now constantly being told are just around the corner.
Think the taxi driver in front of you needs to know that they are a horrible driver? Too bad. As the back of one taxi in Barbella’s project spells out, “BE PATIENT. DON’T HONK YOUR HORN. ROBOT IN CHARGE WON’T REACT TO IT.” 
Is your hologram companion taking up too much space in a crowded elevator? Push a button that will “temporarily suspend” him/her. And if your food budget is low, the local butcher may be running a “clone a rabbit or chicken for half price” sale.
As humerous as these images are, Barbella specifies that he also wants viewers to “think about how far-or how fast-we want to go in this kind of tecnological race.” This is something that’s cool to see and really hits home.
This one states to “turn on your device and enjoy our special offers and promotions while commuting” 
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