Welcome to the world of signage, outdoor media and large format digital print. An informal market specialist with a twist. Catering to a large sum of informal settlements with branding and signage, we also include innovations from the UK such as Rollersigns as an extra initiative to separate us from the rest.
We specialize in so many ventures being the small company we are, that our potential to grow into a worldwide signage and outdoor leader is strengthening by the day!
Founder of FrontSeat Group Quentin Siminya started his working career in with First National Bank. There, he covered most of the branch duties including tellers, enquiries, bulk telling, cheque accounts, investment specialist as well as an assistant to the branch manager.
He then moved into Real Estate, working with the well known, REMAX at Southgate for 2 years. After this, he joined Jabu Stone. There he helped to establish and build the Jabu Stone brand. He was involved in the re-design of the company logo all the way into product packaging and the establishment of a sales strategy for the product. Later on he was instrumental in establishing the first Locks’ and Braids hair salon franchise. It was during this period that an opportunity came for him to own his first hair salon. This was Alex hair in Hillbrow.
In 1999, he developed and patented the first South African Taxi Top advertising platform for the local Metered Taxi Industry. This innovation was launched with the Airport Taxi Association in Johannesburg. In the year 2000, he joined a company called Graffiti Designs, as their first black Director. At Graffiti, he was known to secure the biggest Lotto Campaign ever done in the world of Outdoor media. It was during this period that he decided to specialize in brand building.
He then registered with Vega School of Branding and completed all the modules related to brands and brand building.
In 2003, he left Graffiti and started his own company, FrontSeat Business Ventures (Pty) Ltd.
The company offers services in the Out of Home industry as well as in Corporate signage environments. The company has grown to be an Informal Market Specialist across all provinces of South Africa.
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