Motorists Freak Out at Burning Billboard

Outdoor Network's burning billboard keeps it legalImage result for burning billboard, johannesburg

A “burning” billboard was erected near Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg a few weeks ago, and the City of Johannesburg’s emergency services reassured drivers that it was all part of the plan!

The billboard is part of a drive by British American Tobacco and Joe Public United, who have teamed up with Outdoor Network in association with Beith Digital to create an eye-popping ‘burning billboard’ that draws attention to the problem with smoking illegal cigarettes to raise awareness about the illegal trade in cigarettes and how they can potentially destroy innocent by standers by ways of burning the homes, property and/or be dangerous to their lives.

Clearly visible in a prime location, the Johannesburg billboard’s special effects are entertaining and educating a highly sought-after audience . The tagline ‘Smoking illegal cigarettes burns homes’ can be taken literally but also implies that households will be affected because illegal cigarette manufacturers do not pay taxes and therefore stunt social development. The aim of the campaign is to alert consumers to the fact that smoking illegal cigarettes can have dire consequences for both families and the country as a whole.

“The cleverly constructed ‘burning billboard’, which is not really burning at all and complies with the city’s safety regulations, is manned by a special effects crew and a health and safety representative. After a week, the ‘burning billboard’ was replaced with a static billboard to reinforce the message.

There are so many ways to convey a message across with billboards utilized in the most creative form possible.

Image result for burning billboard, johannesburg



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