A Directional Signage Win

McDonalds always comes through with the quirky , out-of-the-box ideas when it comes to advertising the brand. Incorporating your brand , let alone your logo in everyday situations is sometimes almost impossible unless your business has any direct relation to that situation.

The branding of McDonalds is simply iconic as it communicates minimally in it’s logo as it is and can never bee forgotten by a consumer or any one else. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more minimal, in Canada, the fast-food chain has applied the same approach on their out-of-home ads, by using the logo  as a means of directional signage.

A new campaign from Cossette crops the iconically curvy Golden Arches to direct people to the nearest McDonald’s restaurants. The “Follow the Arches” campaign turns bits of the giant yellow M into directional signage , giving drivers easy-to-follow signs to get to a McDonalds closest to wherever they are.

It’s quite a clever idea, and we’re all for it—as long as they don’t change this classic McDonald’s directional board making fun of Burger King. Haha.

“To create a new way-finding system, we noticed that the directions were right there in the logo,” the brand says. “By cropping the Golden Arches into a directional path, and reducing the visuals to only what’s essential, we transformed an underutilized media space into a simple unified design system adaptable to any market around the world.”

So far, the campaign includes just four billboards (three static and one digital) in high-traffic areas across Toronto, Canada. But Peter Ignazi, chief creative officer at Cossette, said the concept could eventually solve the problem of hundreds of differently designed directional posters in Canada—and indeed, around the world.


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