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The Most Creative And Brilliant Business Cards You’ll Ever See

Some may argue that business cards are outdated when it comes to the most common communication tools used today. Nowadays, in the media and corporate industry, as long as you have someone’s full name, company name or twitter handle, you can find their social media accounts and website online and connect in that way.

I feel we shouldn’t throw the business card concept on the wayside, but rather step into a more creative realm and create business cards that speak volumes for our line of work. If you’re a Yoga instructor, maybe your business cards could be tiny little yoga mats, MAYBE you’re a graphic artist who does freestyle work, then your business card could be the laser cut-out of your actual website.

Like this one ….

Below are a selection of really amazing business card ideas that could possibly set you apart from other companies and give your clients a bit of a chuckle and something to remember you by.

 These Are The Most Creative And Brilliant Business Cards You’ll Ever See (Photos)

Bike Multi-Tool Business Card

Bike Multi-Tool Business Card

Cheese Grater Business Card

Cheese Grater 2
Cheese Grater

Cigarette Filter Business Card

A little illegal on our side…

Cigarette Filter Business Card 2

Cosmetic Surgeon Business Card

Cosmetic Surgeon

Buy/Sell Investment Representative Business Cards


Seed Packet Business Card

Designer’s Seed Packet Business Card 2
Designer’s Seed Packet Business Card

Tearable Divorce Lawyer Business Card

Divorce Lawyer Card 2

Divorce Lawyer Card

Event Photographer Viewfinder Business Card

Event Photographer’s Viewfinder Business Card

Yoga Trainer Business Cards


Transformable Cargo Box Business Card

Transformable Cargo Box Business Card

Yoga Center Business Cards

Yoga Center
The list of ideas is endless, all you have to do is think outside the box, and you can achieve the right business card idea for you. 
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