Digital Media Can Be Satisfying.

The world today is full on Social and Digital Media. Everything we touch, hear and see has to do with the internet and all it’s inter-connected social media and digital platforms.
Although having viewed and seen various digital media and how company’s utilise them in their daily functions, nobody ever just sits back and enjoys the artistic side of Digital media. The actual designers who use computers to generate art like we have never seen it before. Without them, there is hardly any digital/social platforms to entertain.
Below we view a few satisfying images of artists being themselves, super artistic and out of the box, using their skills to create ads, spreads, art pieces and all things digitally enhanced.
Created by the digital media art department of San Jose State University 
Creations exhibited at the European Digital Media Art festival in Germany
Digital Media Art and Technology Exhibition
Digital Media Student Exhibition in Parkland
Woodstock Digital Media Festival
These are just a few of the wonderful creations that come about from great digital art designers all around the world.
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