Genius Brand Activation

How on earth do you sell or even promote a life jacket/vest without being too obvious or boring, EVEN if it seems like common sense?

Well, French water sports brand Tribord invented a canned beverage called Wave, then  dubbed it “the worst drink in the world” and offered it to passersby on a seaside boardwalk. 

This was to simply drive home the importance of water safety – and plug it’s Izeber 50 floating model.


Turns out, the recipe is simple: SALTWATER. 
In the clip you will realise the obvious, that your body will reject by reflex, the taste of salty water. This is clearly a win for both brands creating a brand activation people will never forget.

The side of the packaging reads “Make this your last taste of drowning” and features a nice image of the Izeber 50 life vest, which comes in all colours, is windproof, lightweight, warm and flexible. The spews therefore serve as a great idea that drives home the message.
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