Just Another Vending Machine Stunt

Just Another Vending Machine Stunt
….or is it?
Decked out and almost ridiculous looking vending machines have become an intense promotional tool for all sorts of brands, for them to create brand awareness. Social media stunts and zany promotions are all the craze with these machines, illustrating just how creative one can be with the contents of a typical vending machine.

We’re almost to the point where if you see one outside it’s natural habitat, you assume it’s going to do something out of the ordinary if you just wait…and wait a little longer.

Canadian agency Taxi noticed this trend and decided to take an unlikely stance on the stunt fad on hand, in this video. 

Take a look below as unsuspecting passersby encounter this mysterious machine, and how they react. 

Let us know how you would have reacted in this vending machine stunt to end all vending machine stunts to date!
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