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Our Very Own Superwoman!

In 2010, Valhalla Arts unveiled the TRIBUTES Excellence Awards, a special project conceptualized to honor women with disabilities, who have left a lasting legacy in our socio-economic and political landscape.

TRIBUTES was designed to involve South African communities in identifying and nominating women with disabilities who deserve recognition for the amazing work they do within their communities. Each year, 13 finalists are selected in specific categories and invited to a 3-day funfilled celebration, hosted by Valhalla Arts.

Among the many nominated courageous and brave women, our very own Frontseat Group Employee was recognized and won the Courage Award. Her name is Olga Nkoanyane and she is our superwoman. We are extremely proud of her and this is her story.

Tlaleng Olga Nkoanyane was born in 1978 as the only girl in her home. She currently resides in Botshabelo, Free State.

In year 1993 she started suffering problems with her legs- pain and discomfort which couldn’t be allocated and corrected. The pain continued on into year 2001, whereby she startd working through it at a local factory. After a while it seemed her legs started to feel better and she went on to securing employment at World Vision, an NGO, as a facilitator at Refihlile Intermediate School.

In 2015 the pain in her legs became worse, and upon visiting the doctors a bypass procedure was performed – only to find that the case was so severe that both her legs had to be amputated.  Along with this revelation and decision came heartache, depression and will not to live.

She pushed through this emotional battle with prayer and faith.

In 2016 she courageously established herself in moving forward. She took part in a 3.5km Wheelchair Fun Run and completed in 5th Position! This marked a great accomplishment in her life and encouraged her to do more.

In 2017, she enrolled for a Computer course and has just graduated. She has made it her mission to encourage other women with disabilities in her community.Upon visiting a local radio station, she asked to be granted a more efficient wheelchair to improve her mobility – and successfully attained on.

Today she finds it easier to get around, go to classes and works happily at the local taxi rank for MTN as a TEDI under Frontseat Group!

Well done Olga! We hope her journey continues strong and inspiring.



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