Parallel Park Like A Boss

Parallel Park Like A Boss

Fiat Parking Billboard 

Fiat 500 Parking BillboardFiat 500 Parking Billboard

Imagine driving in your car heading for town to meet up with an old friend for coffee, and coming across the dreadful lack of parking in a congested road, with options to parallel park almost everywhere. We all know how sucky it is to parallel park, but when you have no choice, you have to channel your inner driving school skills and make a plan.

BUT , what if there was someone to assist you at almost any point, even when driving alone.

A new Fiat billboard created by Leo Burnett in Germany, invites viewers to imagine just that. The agency created a digital screen with special software and sensors that measure how far a driver’s rear bumper was from the car parked behind it, and then projected synchronized images of human helpers to help guide the driver’s parking job. Attractive human helpers!

This concept was highly appropriate in promoting the new Fiat’s Parking Assist technology, which is an alarm system that warns drivers in reverse of objects behind them. The billboard even offers a bunch of playful, creative avatars for this assistance made easy. It rotates from a  child, a biker, a wise old man to even a half dressed playboy bunny, which I think would be the sole purpose in one parallel parking onto the sidewalk or into the neighbouring cars.
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