Recharge Yourself

Samsung Belgium promoted the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 with an innovative concept of recycling unused charging cables and creating hammocks, seats and other types of furniture. One of the S6’s main features is wireless charging, making this cable configuration amazing.

Evy Puelinckx, well known for her recycling solutions, collected over 3km of wire to create reclining chairs, hammocks and more for displaying at Meise Botanic Gardens.

Each chair used over more than 150 chargers. 

Samsung Recharge Yourself cable hammock
The S6 Samsung Recharge Yourself Campaign was a huge success.

Evy Puelinckx, founder of the creative recycling agency behind this feature, talks about her role in this project:
“When I was contacted by Samsung to achieve something with cables charger, I did not hesitate. Unused equipment is, somehow, a gift from heaven for me. many people have cables at home they would like to get rid of. Our appeal was a resounding success. The result is there and people are happy to see that the waste materials sent to us have been turned into something much prettier. “
Samsung Recharge Yourself cable hammock
Samsung Recharge Yourself cable hammock
Samsung Recharge Yourself cable chair
Use Our Chargers To Recharge Yourself. We Don’t Need Them Anymore.
Samsung Recharge Yourself cable hammock
Samsung Recharge Yourself cable chairs
The Samsung Recharge Yourself campaign was developed at Leo Burnett Brussels, by creative director Tom Garcia and his fantastic team.
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