The Real Apple Store

The Real Apple Store
Don’t come looking for the iPhone 6 or even that gorgeous  new Macbook pro round these parts…nope, This Apple store doesn’t have all that. This one here’s the Real Apple Store, because it actually sells REAL apples.

London’s Borough Market, one of the oldest markets in the U.K, just marked it’s 1000th year. As part of the celebrations, it treated shoppers to a delightful concept – ‘A Real Apple Store”for a weekend, which was a clever copy of the iconic Apple retail store.

Actual apples were on display on transparent pedestals just like an iPhone or iPad would be featured in the actual technological store. Instead of technical specs, the signs showed each apple’s unique flavour notes and history.

At least one didn’t have to worry about the 500 percent mark up on THESE apples.

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