Flashback Wednesdays!!

The KFC Mini Cricket Project of year 2012


KFC usually runs a yearly Mini Cricket Campaign, the year 2012 they decided to sponsor selected schools with outstanding signage for their sports fields and entrances.
Through a company known as Mindshare, we produced signs for 61 schools in total, nationwide. There were 3 types of signs created for each school:
  • A free-standing scoreboard (1835 x 2450mm)
  • A portable A-frame/ sandwich scoreboard ( 1000 x 1000mm )
  • A free- standing school nameboard, whereby there was two sizes to choose from ( 1000x2000mm or (700X1175mm)


The artwork was created by our FrontSeat design team. All signs were made with steel frames and vinyl was applied on chromadek.





The lifespan of the steel structures is meant to last for at least 10 years, which is a great attribute as it means the boards will still be standing indicating the g
We also supplied each school with a box kit, filled with number cards (0-9) made of perspex and print work, used to keep score on the scoreboards. These number cards are slid into the aluminium rail when in use and then stored in the box for safekeeping.
The schools were very excited and showed much appreciation for these boards, especially the free standing scoreboards, as they were utilised immediately by some of the school members, right after installation.
We have currently received great feedback and an opportunity to produce more signs.
At FrontSeat Group we take our communities seriously!! 🙂 

Out-of- home Media

The traditional billboard is getting a face lift. The advertising game has had to adapt to modern technology in other portals, and now out-of-home advertising isn’t far behind. Digital billboards are just the beginning; be prepared for multisensory and personalized ads whenever you leave the house. Brought to you by buysellads.com.

Be Brand Savvy!!

Here at FrontSeat Group we believe in creating strong branding recognition/ awareness for our clients, through signage, billboard creation or vinyl mobile branding initiatives. 
A strong impact branding initiative makes for a prosperous company. Below is an infograph on the steps in building your brand.


FrontSeat loves MTN!

MTN is one of our largest clients, and we make sure we deliver only the best completed work for them, punctually and accurately!
Once an MTN job needs completion, our entire factory goes YELLOW!! We take our clients seriously.

Blue Cellular Logo

Our latest client Blue Cellular, a leading independent Cellular and Cellular starter pack distributor, focusing on distribution into rural areas, townships and locations around South Africa, needed help in branding a few of their delivery vehicles.

The job  turned out great, as we gave an immaculate vinyl finish of MTN branding print  their Ivecos, as it is their current marketing campaign company.


This will in hand create a brand initiative for the company, which is a strategy to broaden and elevate the awareness of the MTN brand in the marketplace.



A job well done!