Bic Makes Women Furious On Women’s Day

It seems Bic continues to have trouble talking to women. The pen maker, which was ridiculed a few years ago for it’s absurd “Bic for Her” pens, failed spectacularly in South Africa this week, posting an ad on social media for national women’s day that drew some swift criticism that later led to an apology by Bic.

Pretty much all the lines on this ad seemed infuriating to women and the internet reacted mercilessly to the brand’s misstep. Bic made things even worse by trying to defend itself in posting an apology then deleting it, only to post a second apology thereafter, which further angered people.

The first apology read: “Hi everyone. Let’s start out by saying we’re incredibly sorry for offending everybody – that was never our intention, but we completely understand where we’ve gone wrong. This post should never have gone out. The feedback you have given us will help us ensure that something like this will never happen again, and we appreciate that.”

Close call Bic, but not close enough!
Check out the tweets below:
    1. srsly, “think like a man” *stabs eyes out with bic pen*
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    3. @CCriadoPerez I assumed this was a fake, but the Bic South Africa Facebook site has an apology…
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    4. @flimsin yup and their twitter. it’s real. unbelievable.
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    5. @CCriadoPerez @flimsin it’s the end of the world…shocking…shut down the company!
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    6. @CedHamilton Ha, come back to me when you’ve spent 30+ years on this Earth as a woman Cedric. See how bored of it you get then.
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    7. @flimsin Poor Tamsin I salute your hard work as a feminist! Keep fighting the good fight and keep fighting oppressive pen ads! You go girl!
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    8. @CedHamilton Likewise, you keep enjoying your own jokes 🙂
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    1. @CCriadoPerez How do men think? Is it different to women? Maybe if I use a Bic product I’ll find the answer.
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    3. @Ellen27 @CCriadoPerez oh dear, I bought my son some Bic lady razors as there were no male ones. Will it do him dreadful harm?
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    4. @flcro @CCriadoPerez Or unimaginable enlightenment…
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    5. @Ellen27 @CCriadoPerez that’ll be nice
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    1. @CCriadoPerez Blame the ad agency for coming up with that sexist claptrap.
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    3. @MartinOyster @CCriadoPerez …and whoever at BIC asked for it and approved it.
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    4. @LLAmos @CCriadoPerez Indeed. Assuming it’s a bunch of middle age men who commissioned the ad.
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    1. @samposnick Oh my gosh, the comments.

    2. @smahervelous Oh yeah, when that whole thing broke a few years back it was so good. Best reviews ever.

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  1. .@CCriadoPerez @MLNow Def. not fresh, that’s fer sher.

  2. manwhohasitall @manwhohasitall

    ‘LOOK like a boy (child). ACT like a gentleman. THINK like a woman. WORK like a boss’. New tagline: #Bic biros for men.
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