Nelson Mandela Day

Yet another fantastic year and it’s Nelson Mandela Day, one of my personal most favourite days of the year. Last year we helped paint and bring love and laughter to a daycare centre in the South of Johannesburg, this year we wanted to go that extra mile. 

We visited an orphanage 45 mins away from our company premises to bring joy and nutrition to the kids at  Bulamahlo Children’s Home in Thembisa. 

We provided this home of 31 children enough food and toiletries to help them through the rest of the winter season. 

Our fantastic team got geared up in our awesome winter wear and prepared to see the amount of happy faces awaiting their stock.

Upon arrival the caretaker of the home greeted us in song and took the time to tell us about the children’s home, how it all begun and it’s entire journey til this point in time. Although the home could use a lot of work, this amazing lady had already set up so much for the home to continue caring for under privileged kids.

The home had bedding for the children, a laundry room, TV room as well as playroom AND library, all that’s missing is making sure all these rooms are stocked with as much items as necessarily  possible, for the home to continue on being a safe haven for children in need.
The entire home had enough space for future infrastructure that we hope we can be a part of. Painting, planting and construction took place from several other companies who also felt the need to give back.

Not only did our Frontseat Staff provide nutrition in the form of food and toiletries, but we got down and dirty in assisting the other companies, namely Siemens (Isando branch), in painting the buildings and classrooms to give them a colourful more welcoming outlook. 

Our entire team PUT IN WORK!! 

Our visit to Bulamahlo Children’s Home (Which means open your eyes), did indeed open our eyes, to realising that those in need should never be abandoned as they are as important to our future as everyone else. Lets continue to help each other by paying it forward wherever we can! 

We all had such a blast meeting the children, the caretaker responsible for making a change in their lives and lending a helping hand!! We hope to do even more in the near future.

As we said our farewells we left the orphanage with new hearts, smiles on our faces and beautiful memories. 

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