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BIG WORK, small company!

THNK DEVELOPMENT, a subsidiary of FrontSeat Group recently created a roll-out and launched it for VKB, “a South African agricultural enterprise with the unique vision to focus on alliances with industry related stakeholders. These alliances have developed into the dynamic utilisation of a wide-range of agricultural value chain solutions”. THNK marked VKB on their large silo’s […]

Putting Up A Billboard

This is just a typical example of the effort that goes in to erecting a traditional billboard. At FRONTSEAT GROUP we strive for perfection. With a large factory studio, a great team and the required technology, erecting a billboard is as easy as pie!! We have all the facilities within our production factory to cater […]

OutDoor Media- Moving on Up!!

The world of Outdoor Media in South Africa is quickly climbing the global market ladder, but should be further than it is today for we are a highly creative bunch. Billboards which are highly interactive and leave street viewers in awe, are a better form of advertising as the information portrayed stays longer in the […]

Traditional Billboards are our strength!!

Its only fair for us to brag, just a little, about our brand new Billboard towards the Lanseria Airport. In its grace and glory this billboard stands up between the two roads, known as a Gantry to some, at 4.5 x 18metres, it boasts an enormous height and a booming traffic count for all to […]

Welcome To Frontseat Group!

FRONTSEAT GROUP   Welcome to the world of signage, outdoor media and large format digital print. An informal market specialist with a twist. Catering to a large sum of informal settlements with branding and signage, we also include innovations from the UK such as Rollersigns as an extra initiative to separate us from the rest. […]