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Put A Moustache On It!

It’s that time of year again, where we take a stand together in fighting for a cause. It’s Movember ! A month symbolising the fight against prostate cancer. Within this month men participate or show their support by growing out their beards/moustaches.  You’ve all heard and read the story…’It started in a bar in Fitzroy […]

A Mini Stage For The Kids

We recently received a request through a company client to create a make-shift stage for a much deserving school called Delta Park, situated in Randburg SA. The school had planned to host a talent show among other things on their school  activities day, and what better month to do it, than the month of  October, […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and here at Frontseat Group we have vowed to show our support in more ways than one, but mainly in spreading the word and hope among all who are affected or may be affected by this disease.  It’s always better to stand together and fight for […]

Creative Knits For Homeless Kids

Who thought wool wasn’t cool? Or that yarn-bombing wasn’t a thing?- because it is. A group of Brazillian creatives started “Doe Agasalho’, or “Donate Warm Clothes”, a campaign that reminds people to offer clothing to the poor. Putting little outfits on signage silhouettes on traffic signs with crocheted scarves, sweaters and little jeans created a buzz through […]

You Steal this Ad And Get Rewarded

More than 100 New Yorkers recently took jetBlue up on it’s offer of free flights and other cool stuff, by ripping off 181 bus shelter ads across the five boroughs.  The ads couldn’t be missed as they were in plain sight – all you had to do was tear off each sign- as though from […]

The Coca Cola Tattoo Can

This concept isn’t forever, but we sure hope it was,  Coca-Cola started off National Hispanic Month (which runs from Sept.15 to Oct.15) with a line of temporary-tattoo cans, targeted to Hispanic and Latino Americans. …because their the only ones who would be interested in such a concept?Well, based on research, Latinos have a particular pride […]

Technology vs Reality

Technology has completely taken over the world, and if you’ve been left behind, well that is exactly what it is and where you will remain.  As the hashtags grow stronger the selfies grow along with them and within this generation, we find ourselves intertwined within the world of social media and the rise of internet […]

Back To School – McDonalds Style

McDonald’s wants all the school kids going back to school from the summer holidays to remember all the good times – with their meals of course. In a campaign aimed at the younger audiences, McDonald’s show a school bag  that looks like a happy meal, a cup of pencils resembling a cup of fries and […]

100 Years Old, And Still An Icon

With over 300 billion of their products produced in the century since it’s invention, Coca-Cola is a signature product with an outstanding legacy. Billions of people across the globe have held it’s signature product in their hand. Most importantly Cola- Cola, not the drink, but the bottle it comes in.  This signature bottle known as […]

Remove Makeup Off A Magazine!?

Finally, a product sample that actually shows you how it works!  Neutrogena and agency DM9DDB worked with Brazillian weekly magazine Caras, to create a special cover featuring actress Giovanna Ewbank. The issue also came with a set of Deep Clean Wipes, so that readers could actually rub Giovanna’s make-up off her face on the direct […]