A Mini Stage For The Kids

We recently received a request through a company client to create a make-shift stage for a much deserving school called Delta Park, situated in Randburg SA.

The school had planned to host a talent show among other things on their school  activities day, and what better month to do it, than the month of  October, full of sunshine and festive fever.
The stage was erected and created using wood as the exterior structure, which was thereafter painted matte black, ABS was used for the curtain backdrop effect and the cut out design elements were made from Corerex and vinyl application.

All these materials used are durable and last you long enough to re-use the stage parts whenever you wish, which is exactly what the School head discussed they would do for future sake.

This awesome stage took our team approximately two weeks to  construct, with acquiring of material and decor included. Our team worked diligently and quickly to make sure the stage was ready in time for the school’s fun day.

Much fun and creativity was enjoyed on and around the stage, and FrontSeat Group is Very happy to have sponsored their services for a good cause.

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