7 Ways To Improve Your Financial Situation Right Now!!

We’ve all been struggling with this one at some point in our lives and the biggest question is always HOW? It sucks that we can’t simply walk into our backyard and pick money off a money tree, but what exact steps can be taken to improve on your current situation, steps that actually work? We have 7 steps right here, that can make for a great start in your financial freedom >>

1. Check Your Credit Score/ profile

In order to get control of your finances, you need to have a starting point. You also need to know if there are debts affecting your credit score that aren’t even yours!

By checking your credit report, you’ll be able to find out your credit score, and what factors are affecting it. Thereafter you can be pin-pointed in the right direction in improving it.

2. Add Up Your Debt.

After seeing your credit score, panicking will get you nowhere! Instead , why not create your new financial plan, you need all the details.
This means adding up all your debt. Take a piece of paper (or make a spreadsheet if that’s your thing) and list the name and amount of each amount that you owe to others.

Come up with a grand total, even if it hurts a little. Once you know how much you owe, you can come up with a plan to start paying it off.

3. Define Your Financial Goals

So that you know where to aim, it’s time to start thinking about your financial goals. In order to set those goals, you need to figure out your priorities.

That involves determining what things are important to you and ranking them. Do you want to be debt free? Or save money for a different car or house down payment? Maybe you dream of retiring at a certain age or want to help your kids pay for college.

Even if it seems impossible right now, it’s SO important that you believe you can accomplish your goals. Without that belief in yourself, how will you improve?

4. Start Saving!!

And no, don’t roll your eyes at this one! Like a broken record, this will stand the test of time – Save, save , save!! Every cent counts, so it doesn’t matter how little – You need to save!

Even if you are more focused on paying off debt right now, it is still very important to have an emergency fund. Unfortunately, crappy stuff just happens in life sometimes. After a speedbump just get back up again and start over, don’t give up!

If you think credit cards are your emergency fund, you might be broke for life. You need an actual savings account with at least R10 000 in it.

Set it up so that right after every paycheck, a certain amount gets transferred to savings. That way you won’t forget or accidentally spend that money.

5. Learn To Be Content With Less.

You don’t actually need all the things you think you do. Your happiness can’t rely on spending money. We’re constantly being bombarded with advertisements, and they’re all designed to make us unhappy with our current situation and in the end spend more.

You might not even realize that it’s happening, so start trying to be aware of the marketing all around us.

Look for activities you enjoy that don’t involve spending money. There are plenty- trust me! Google it!
It can even be fun to get creative with how little you can spend!


Now we all know that Uber eats and Mr Delivery Apps are super accessible, convenient and easy to use, but they are also filled with expenses you really don’t need to be making, when you could cook up healthier meals at home!
Try eating dinner at home and packing your lunch this month. You will seriously save so much money by this one simple change!

7. Get A Side Hustle.

Lastly, If you really want to improve your financial situation quickly, the absolute quickest way is to earn more money. You can reach your money goals so much faster by having more of it to save or pay down debt with. Who knows, you might start earning more with your new side hustle than you ever did at your regular job.

We hope these get you in the right direction to start improving on your life! #IMPROOVA






Put A Moustache On It!

It’s that time of year again, where we take a stand together in fighting for a cause. It’s Movember ! A month symbolising the fight against prostate cancer. Within this month men participate or show their support by growing out their beards/moustaches. 

You’ve all heard and read the story…’It started in a bar in Fitzroy in 2004, two mates talking about the fashion trends that hadn’t returned …and the moustache was one..’

This men’s health movement is not only for men, but women can support the campaign as well by signing up as a mo sista along their fellow mo bro’s in the annual campaign since 2004, which prides itself on “Changing the Face of Men’s Health” each November.

The classic moustache or mo, whether the boxcar, the wisp, undercover brother or Rock star, has become a symbol of men’s health and the Movember campaign on te faces of 21 countries over the past 12 years.

While it takes a brave man to grow a beard, it takes an even braver man to give up his beard in the name of men’s health, and as the Movember rules state, all should have started the month with a clean shave, ready to freshly grow their mo for the month.

We thought we’d help by posting up a few rules to help out all the gentlemen out there who might be clueless on how to begin their Movember journey. 

So go on, grow your mo, and while you at it, post it n Facebook or Twitter and spread the word!

A Mini Stage For The Kids

We recently received a request through a company client to create a make-shift stage for a much deserving school called Delta Park, situated in Randburg SA.

The school had planned to host a talent show among other things on their school  activities day, and what better month to do it, than the month of  October, full of sunshine and festive fever.
The stage was erected and created using wood as the exterior structure, which was thereafter painted matte black, ABS was used for the curtain backdrop effect and the cut out design elements were made from Corerex and vinyl application.

All these materials used are durable and last you long enough to re-use the stage parts whenever you wish, which is exactly what the School head discussed they would do for future sake.

This awesome stage took our team approximately two weeks to  construct, with acquiring of material and decor included. Our team worked diligently and quickly to make sure the stage was ready in time for the school’s fun day.

Much fun and creativity was enjoyed on and around the stage, and FrontSeat Group is Very happy to have sponsored their services for a good cause.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and here at Frontseat Group we have vowed to show our support in more ways than one, but mainly in spreading the word and hope among all who are affected or may be affected by this disease. 

It’s always better to stand together and fight for a cause!

Creative Knits For Homeless Kids

Who thought wool wasn’t cool? Or that yarn-bombing wasn’t a thing?- because it is. 

A group of Brazillian creatives started “Doe Agasalho’, or “Donate Warm Clothes”, a campaign that reminds people to offer clothing to the poor. 

Putting little outfits on signage silhouettes on traffic signs with crocheted scarves, sweaters and little jeans created a buzz through the streets of Brazil. A sticker reminding people to donate clothing, explains the effort when the fully dressed figures attract looks from passersby.

What a sight for sore eyes, wouldn’t you feel the need to donate to the poor after this? This campaign speaks volumes for what can be achieved through strength in numbers! 
It definitely gets a thumbs up from us!

You Steal this Ad And Get Rewarded

More than 100 New Yorkers recently took jetBlue up on it’s offer of free flights and other cool stuff, by ripping off 181 bus shelter ads across the five boroughs. 
The ads couldn’t be missed as they were in plain sight – all you had to do was tear off each sign- as though from a giant note pad- as no glass was placed above them, like there usually would. 

It’s tough to be discreet with a poster-sized coupon tucked under your arm, but the locals didn’t seem to care. And for their boldness, they received round-trip flight vouchers, tickets to New York Jets and Brooklyn Nets games, and free scoops from Blue Marble Ice Cream.

This was only a two-day stunt, but the brand plans on repeating this campaign designed by ad agency Mullen Lowe, under the hashtag #NYCTakeover.  


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The Coca Cola Tattoo Can

This concept isn’t forever, but we sure hope it was,  Coca-Cola started off National Hispanic Month (which runs from Sept.15 to Oct.15) with a line of temporary-tattoo cans, targeted to Hispanic and Latino Americans. …because their the only ones who would be interested in such a concept?

Well, based on research, Latinos have a particular pride in their family names, which reflect their history and heritage – the cans feature common family names, in reverse!

You simply peel the sticker off, place it on to your skin and use the moisture from the can (hopefully at a cold temperature) to affix the name onto your skin.

The campaign indicates the sincerity and togetherness of a culture, also symbolising the tagline for coke which emphasises on sharing a coke. It brings people together and builds a sense of brand loyalty among consumers alike.
The video below is a clear indication that Coca-Cola always knows what’s good for the people!

The work is accompanied by the hashtag #OrgullosoDeSer, Spanish for “proud to be,” and was created by ad agency David—which, incidentally, markets itself as a “first-name agency” that “believes in the personal.” Oh, the irony! This campaign was indeed perfect!

Technology vs Reality

Technology has completely taken over the world, and if you’ve been left behind, well that is exactly what it is and where you will remain. 
As the hashtags grow stronger the selfies grow along with them and within this generation, we find ourselves intertwined within the world of social media and the rise of internet connection and language.
Just like all great and fast paced things, technology should be enjoyed in moderation and Ajit Johnson shows you what happens when we don’t – using #ThisGeneration.
Using minimalistic illustrations he demonstrates alienation, egoism and this selfie culture trend that’s taking over our youth. 
Ajit Johnson is a Ph.D student of cancer genetics and genomics at the University of Edinburgh. He states that he’s not necessarily a “technophobe”, but realises the dangers of technology and encourages us to put down our phones when talking to people.