The Coca Cola Tattoo Can

This concept isn’t forever, but we sure hope it was,  Coca-Cola started off National Hispanic Month (which runs from Sept.15 to Oct.15) with a line of temporary-tattoo cans, targeted to Hispanic and Latino Americans. …because their the only ones who would be interested in such a concept?

Well, based on research, Latinos have a particular pride in their family names, which reflect their history and heritage – the cans feature common family names, in reverse!

You simply peel the sticker off, place it on to your skin and use the moisture from the can (hopefully at a cold temperature) to affix the name onto your skin.

The campaign indicates the sincerity and togetherness of a culture, also symbolising the tagline for coke which emphasises on sharing a coke. It brings people together and builds a sense of brand loyalty among consumers alike.
The video below is a clear indication that Coca-Cola always knows what’s good for the people!

The work is accompanied by the hashtag #OrgullosoDeSer, Spanish for “proud to be,” and was created by ad agency David—which, incidentally, markets itself as a “first-name agency” that “believes in the personal.” Oh, the irony! This campaign was indeed perfect!
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