FrontSeat loves MTN!

MTN is one of our largest clients, and we make sure we deliver only the best completed work for them, punctually and accurately!
Once an MTN job needs completion, our entire factory goes YELLOW!! We take our clients seriously.

Blue Cellular Logo

Our latest client Blue Cellular, a leading independent Cellular and Cellular starter pack distributor, focusing on distribution into rural areas, townships and locations around South Africa, needed help in branding a few of their delivery vehicles.

The job  turned out great, as we gave an immaculate vinyl finish of MTN branding print  their Ivecos, as it is their current marketing campaign company.


This will in hand create a brand initiative for the company, which is a strategy to broaden and elevate the awareness of the MTN brand in the marketplace.



A job well done!

Busy With LiquorLand!!

Our latest client Media Active, required a few name boards to be completed by FrontSeat Group for LiquorLand, which we discussed in an earlier post.
Its projects such as these that place us on the map of outdoor media and signage frontiers.
We thought it would be super epic of us to take you through the process of how just one of our sign boards was made, to give you an idea of all the effort and expertise that go into it.
First  we start with the cutting of the actual steel poles which will serve as metal frames to support the structure as well as display the PVC material based face of the sign with its actual content printed upon it.
Bear in mind the PVC material is already printed by us with our state of the art ink-jet laser printers, and that’s another info-graph on its own, which we will display at a later stage.
Once the frame is welded together into a 4-sided rectangle, we place the entire PVC print work across it and overlap each side panel of the frame, making sure it is accurately placed, straight and correctly folded.


Now its ready for more stretching to each steel panel, for it to stay in place and be correctly aligned. We therefore stretch the PVC across each side and use steel poles to roll it closer and stretch it tighter to the sides.



 A wrench is used to keep the pole in place, once we have enough material rolled across to one panel, in order to seal it in place. Thereafter once the PVC is stretched enough to overlap the panel at the right point, we drill in standard heavy duty nails, suitable for the steel pole and seal in the PVC print material on all 4-sides of the frame, bearing in mind that the PVC face and its contents are straight and well aligned to the board.



Once all 4-sides of the frame are sealed with overlapping PVC material, we then begin applying contact adhesive (glue) to the outer panels of the PVC print material, so as to stick them to the poles of the inner frame of the name board, allowing for the glue to dry in between applications.


Thereafter the applicators will make sure they cut away any access PVC material that will not be needed for the board,as it will already be thoroughly sealed in at this stage. First it is stretched and sealed by hand, pressing down on the glue to make sure it sticks and stays down flat.


Now we can cut away excess PVC print material, neatly on all corners and sides.


Once all the nitty gritty details are complete, we give the sign board a good clean with just a plain wet cloth, to wipe off sticky parts, dust and anything else that could have collected from application processes.

From here on the board will be taken into our factory to be framed with an aluminium angle line to act as a border frame for the sign board and complete its look.


LiquorLand can therefore use it to create great brand awareness for their company and stores nationwide.

Tapping the Informal Market

The one stop, liquor shop with over 200 stores nationwide, was our latest client for the month of March 2014.
Working with them was a great honour and an exciting campaign, right in the heart of the informal area of Sasolburg, Zamdela.
LiquorLand stocks all kinds of alcoholic brands for all occassions, so we made sure that their branding was done accurately and neatly to create the brand awareness they need.
Branding for LiquorLand included :
3 Flagpoles allocated out in front of the store, for road pedestrians and drivers to see.
A main store sign, up high and large enough to position the store, making it easier to find.


We also provided a “specials” as well as sandwich board for LiquorLand to display their latest products on promotion.
Lastly we created clipper frames and a Welcome board to complete the campaign


Vehicle Branding differences.

We are constantly branding cars for labournet and many other companies, whether it be the need for a full vinyl vehicle wrap or just decals placed accordingly,we make sure to always get the job done fast and precisely so.
Full vehicle wrap vs decals
Below was the full vehicle wrap allocated for a silver Hyundai car, part of the LabourNet company. The main reason it had to be full, was mainly because the logo of LabourNet suits them best on a black background, and we all know that what the client wants, the client shall get!!
We therefore placed black vinyl on the entire vehicle with the allocated logo, and behold the transformation from silver/grey to all black and corporate.



Now below using a black POLO, is an example of the vinyl decal branding, which differs from the full wrap, as it is the simple job of placing the logos of the client on particular areas of the car, specified by them on an already black car, which therefore would not need a full wrap, as it already has a suitable background.





BIG WORK, small company!

THNK DEVELOPMENT, a subsidiary of FrontSeat Group recently created a roll-out and launched it for VKB, “a South African agricultural enterprise with the unique vision to focus on alliances with industry related stakeholders. These alliances have developed into the dynamic utilisation of a wide-range of agricultural value chain solutions”. THNK marked VKB on their large silo’s for all to see.

The creativity and concept/idea of placing large format print roll-outs on the cylinder silo’s, creates a large advertising space, way bigger than that of a billboard, which is smart and a great idea for clients to create brand exposure.
The hard work which went into placing these roll outs on each silo, is also quite astounding.
The brand exposure can be spotted far across the main road, and indicates just how effective this form of outdoor media is to the public. I mean there is no way you can possibly miss these Silo’s!!
The workers on site worked very hard to place these roll outs, exposed to great heights and bravely manoeuvred so that the creation of the entire structure would be greatly appreciated.


We can therefore view the VKB silo’s during broad daylight and be blown away
When the sun starts to set
And at night when the VKB logo shines gracefully for all to see!!


Putting Up A Billboard

This is just a typical example of the effort that goes in to erecting a traditional billboard.

At FRONTSEAT GROUP we strive for perfection. With a large factory studio, a great team and the required technology, erecting a billboard is as easy as pie!! We have all the facilities within our production factory to cater to all signage and outdoor media needs

Our state of the art printing machines make the job easier for the signage needs a client would require.
Our wonderful team, work night and day to only produce the best of utmost quality work for all our clients.


OutDoor Media- Moving on Up!!

The world of Outdoor Media in South Africa is quickly climbing the global market ladder, but should be further than it is today for we are a highly creative bunch. Billboards which are highly interactive and leave street viewers in awe, are a better form of advertising as the information portrayed stays longer in the consumers brain, keeping them well aware of the product and  eager in spreading the word.
How a billboard looks, functions, where it is positioned is one of our strengths, as we make sure that the client creates top of mind with whatever it is they are advertising as well as position them directly in between competition and high consumer traffic areas.
Its always exciting to work with companies who display creative, interactive and jaw dropping innovative billboard concepts, that send a message across and make traffic for fellow drivers seem “not so bad after all”. 
Outdoor media/ advertising companies should continue to do global forward billboard ads, and keep the ball rolling on informing viewers in a more exciting and fulfilling manner.
Typical billboards need stronger messaging concepts.


Below is an ad campaign that took place abroad, and features a really cool billboard concept whereby the light bulb molded within the face of the board has a sensor installed within it, and lights up when a pedestrian passes by. This kind of advertising is something that sparks ideas to create billboards which will remain on the scene for longer due to peoples demand, to see more creativity.
Hey, its not to say the billboard advertising market in South Africa sucks- Oh No!! WE indeed have really cool concepts that have been evacuated right here in the beautiful motherland, in fact we are one of the best countries in terms of Billboard ads! Below are a few billboard ideas I have come across, and they all pretty much speak for themselves.
The Bronx Men’s Shoes campaign
This was in fact the world, yes the WORLD’s first ever interactive beard growing billboard, right in the heart of Cape Town. Bronx Men’s Shoes , the “man enough” brand in SA, had installed a 6 meter high potrait of a man’s face covered in stubble on the corner of Church and Buitensingel street, Cape Town.
South Africans courtesy of a cleverly installed webcam, could then trigger the man’s beard to literally grow longer, by the simple click of a ‘like’ button on their Facebook page.
The infrastructure was built with ropes peaking out of digital motor-operated holes, in order to create the visual concept of the beard growing out.
Viewers did indeed appreciate the humour and the facebook page was blowing up daily, helping the man on the billboard grow a rope infested beard by the minute as well as create serious awareness for the brand.
Now this is creativity at its best!
Heaviest Billboard for SuperSport by Ogilvy
Billboards aren’t the easiest thing to innovate. This large format out-of-home billboard was done by Ogilvy Johannesburg. Ogilvy in partnership with SuperSport, created what seemed from far to be a normal print billboard advertisement, but up close is real (synthetic) grass for a SuperSport High Definition (HD) campaign. The creative idea was developed to highlight Wimbledon on HD over the two week time period, in a way that passers-by could have a real life HD sporting experience.
The concept literally stems from the idea of getting a piece of grass on to a street pole. To highlight the fact that consumers can now watch their favourite tennis game in HD, Ogilvy used synthetic grass to drive home the message that one can “see every point up close”.
Hand painted, weighing at 360kg and measuring in at a staggering 4.5 by 18 meters high the Wimbledon in HD billboard took 3 days to erect. Passers-by in Sandton were pleasantly surprised to see that on the billboard there was real wear and tear on the centre court line of the billboard which represented the progression of the tournament- just as one would see if they were in Wimbledon.
The billboard is the heaviest that has ever been created in South Africa.
Mini Coupe 3D Billboard
Lastly, we have the Mini Coupe’s massive 3D billboard which took off in Cape Town International airport, “GO CAPE TOWN”, once again an innovative billboard.
This billboard was bigger than live- scale and featured the car in  a shark cage, surrounded by sharks. The pay-line read “Another Day. Another Adventure”. The billboard kicks off a campaign that is not only a visible manifestation of MINI South Africa’s adventurous nature, but also aims to highlight their commitment to AfriOceans Conservation Alliance (AOCA) – which is working towards safeguarding the sharks in our oceans.
This was truly a billboard that turned heads and gave mini in-traffic heart attacks.LOL


Traditional Billboards are our strength!!

Its only fair for us to brag, just a little, about our brand new Billboard towards the Lanseria Airport. In its grace and glory this billboard stands up between the two roads, known as a Gantry to some, at 4.5 x 18metres, it boasts an enormous height and a booming traffic count for all to see, international or local, to and from the airport.
Our signature logo marks the billboard high and proud, placing our company on the map, to create top of mind awareness for all.
We love our new billboard!!!


Rollersigns – Anything else is just a waste of space

RollerSigns are a huge hit on the market, cinema and restaurant scene at the moment. Used for crowd control and as a queuing system, they are largely recognised these days as barriers to separate dining tables at restaurants and close off customers from walkways and pavements, keeping them in an enclose area whilst advertising the restaurant/ cafes logo at the same time.
Very easy to erect and place together, the stanchions and media prints are handy, lightweight and  for almost any company looking to create neatness, control and barriers, with a sense of privacy whilst advertising any form of marketing for their company needs. This therefore converts your barriers into valuable advertising space.
FrontSeat Group took the liberty in sponsoring some RollerSigns to the Sandton and Cape Town based Signage Expo’s, to illustrate just how effective they can be, helping control crowds, creating a queuing system and helping people find their way around the expo’s, directed by way of the RollerSigns.



RollerSign’s can be used for :
  • Banks
  • Expo Centres
  • Shopping Malls
  • Stadiums
  • Railway stations
  • Airports
  • Movie theatres
  • Exhibition centres/ museums
  • Theme parks
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Concerts




Welcome To Frontseat Group!

Welcome to the world of signage, outdoor media and large format digital print. An informal market specialist with a twist. Catering to a large sum of informal settlements with branding and signage, we also include innovations from the UK such as Rollersigns as an extra initiative to separate us from the rest.
We specialize in so many ventures being the small company we are, that our potential to grow into a worldwide signage and outdoor leader is strengthening by the day!
Founder of FrontSeat Group Quentin Siminya started his working career in with First National Bank. There, he covered most of the branch duties including tellers, enquiries, bulk telling, cheque accounts, investment specialist as well as an assistant to the branch manager.
He then moved into Real Estate, working with the well known, REMAX at Southgate for 2 years. After this, he joined Jabu Stone. There he helped to establish and build the Jabu Stone brand. He was involved in the re-design of the company logo all the way into product packaging and the establishment of a sales strategy for the product. Later on he was instrumental in establishing the first Locks’ and Braids hair salon franchise. It was during this period that an opportunity came for him to own his first hair salon. This was Alex hair in Hillbrow.
In 1999, he developed and patented the first South African Taxi Top advertising platform for the local Metered Taxi Industry. This innovation was launched with the Airport Taxi Association in Johannesburg. In the year 2000, he joined a company called Graffiti Designs, as their first black Director. At Graffiti, he was known to secure the biggest Lotto Campaign ever done in the world of Outdoor media. It was during this period that he decided to specialize in brand building.
He then registered with Vega School of Branding and completed all the modules related to brands and brand building.
In 2003, he left Graffiti and started his own company, FrontSeat Business Ventures (Pty) Ltd.
The company offers services in the Out of Home industry as well as in Corporate signage environments. The company has grown to be an Informal Market Specialist across all provinces of South Africa.