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These Potholes Are Tweeting

These Potholes Are Tweeting    In Panama City, the people aren’t the only ones complaining about potholes all over the roads. The potholes themselves have had enough.  With so many streets in Panama City damaged, local agency P4 Ogilvy & Mather placed special devices in potholes that automatically tweet nasty messages at the Twitter account […]

Outdoor Media Gets Contagious

Outdoor Media Gets Contagious   This interactive outdoor campaign by Lew’Lara is a sleepy one, which is exactly what this ad agency from Brazil intended. The shop set up a digital panel equipped with a motion sensor at Sao Paulo’s Fradique Coutinho subway station at morning rush hour. When commuters would approach the digital sign, […]

Shots Fired At Selfie Sticks

Shots Fired At Selfie Sticks   We all take about a hundred selfies just to pick one to share with the world, and you’d be lying if you said you had never taken a selfie before. The target audience for this new over-the-top parody PSA from Pizza Hut, is definitely for you selfie-loving monsters!! The […]

When A Billboard Goes Wrong

When A Billboard Goes Wrong   This billboard by Esurance (a home insurance company)  in Chicago, which carries the almost cringe-worthy headline “Cover your home in a  dick (I mean) click,”apparently looked mildly obscene to many who spotted it from afar. With a split second turn of the head, one wouldn’t necessarily see the word […]

An Ad You Can Climb On

An Ad You Can Climb On An agency in Stockholm called Snask, made a huge 3-D poster for their Malmo Festival which is a massive street fair that runs through the second half of August, probably every year. The “poster” was made with giant 3-D letters, numbers and shapes which could easily be climbed upon […]

Edible Billboard! Yes Please!

Edible Billboard?? Yes Please! This is the first edible billboard and we are excited just to be seeing it! In total it has about 13, 360 mini cakes sealed perfectly onto the frame. British confectionery brand Mr.Kipling and agency JWT London are the geniuses behind this beautiful gift to the world. Since they are leaders […]

Just Another Vending Machine Stunt

Just Another Vending Machine Stunt ….or is it? Decked out and almost ridiculous looking vending machines have become an intense promotional tool for all sorts of brands, for them to create brand awareness. Social media stunts and zany promotions are all the craze with these machines, illustrating just how creative one can be with the […]

The Real Apple Store

The Real Apple Store   Don’t come looking for the iPhone 6 or even that gorgeous  new Macbook pro round these parts…nope, This Apple store doesn’t have all that. This one here’s the Real Apple Store, because it actually sells REAL apples. London’s Borough Market, one of the oldest markets in the U.K, just marked […]

South African Flag Visible From Space

South African Flag Visible From Space.   An economic driver and sustainable symbol of hope.   FCB South Africa is running an idea up the flagpole. A really big idea to bring a sense of hope and change to South Africans alike. It’s main component is the South african flag so large, it will be […]

A Billboard That Makes You Drunk

A Billboard That Makes You Drunk Help yourself to a cheeky pint! We all thought the Coke Zero drinkable billboard was an ultimate winner, but now Carlsberg is serving some outdoor advertising with an age limit. The Danish brewer, with help from an ad agency called Fold7 and design company Mission Media, unveiled a beer-dispensing […]