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It Was Never A Dress

It Was Never A Dress.   The universal sign for bathroom signs is typically a man in pants and a woman in a dress, to indicate the difference and make life easier! But what if the female sign wasn’t even a dress to begin with…and the man could be naked for all we know. lol […]

Mickey D’s Goes Digital

Mickey-Ds Goes Digital   All the futuristic fun was taking place earlier this week in Downers Grove, Illinois..hmm why does America get all the fun? Anyway..The McDonalds fast food franchise took the initiative in testing out a cool new ordering concept called ‘Create Your Taste’.    This is an experience quite different to your regular […]

What Would You Choose?

What Would You Choose? What if upon entering a building you were asked to choose what category you would fall under…Beautiful or Average?. Would you choose correctly or according to society? Do you feel beautiful?  That’s what Dove explored with their globe trotting campaign – ‘Choose Beautiful’. It was a follow up to their survey […]

When The Cat’s Away..

When The Cat’s Away…(creative employees)   “When the cat’s away the mice come out to play”- an old saying that basically means once the boss leaves, everyone comes out of their hiding places to act as casual and free as can be. These employees transformed their office from boring to quirky while their “cat” was […]

Rainy Day Brand Activation

Rainy Day Brand Activation Almost everyone loves the smell of rain but not the water damage that comes along with it. Seattle-based artist Peregrine Church wants you to enjoy wet sidewalks too, so he decorates them with graffiti that only appears when wet with rain. This kind of semi-magical trick is achieved through the use […]

Butt It’s For A Good Cause

Butt It’s For A Good Cause   Sitting down with low rise jeans carries the risk of one exposing their butt-crack for all to see, and the spectators are not enjoying such a sight, however this bus ad by Meredith’s Miracles and FCB Ad agency suggests that you show your butt to at least one […]

Digital Marketing Trends Of 2015

Digital Marketing Trends of 2015   Digital Marketing is taking a rapid leap into being the best marketing tool for almost any business entity, making sure customer interaction becomes an intimate and frequent one.   Quick fact: Australia now ranks 3rd in digital ad spending, meaning among others, their mobile advertising is huge, so huge […]

Wall Wraps Put Us In A Happy Place

Wall Wraps Put Us in a Happy Place!   Who would have known that the simple use of vinyl designed into different patterns and art cut outs would turn a plain space into such a beautiful and creative environment. This children’s hospital was transformed to resemble a world far away from any kind, and help […]

Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?, No…It’s Captain AQUAFRESH!!     FrontSeat Group together with the GSK team, ventured on an exclusive site trip to visit all of the Aquafresh Outdoor media spots, depicting the PR campaign at its best. In and around the city of Johannesburg to the inner parts of Soweto […]

Street Trash, Real Talk

Street Trash, Real Talk!   Alot of cities, all around the world suffer alot of pollution, mainly that of regular old street trash. An anti-littering ad campaign in Toronto, created a creative ad to help raise public awareness of the issue.    The city of Toronto Livegreen organisation’s newest ad campaign shouts it’s slogan at […]