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Genius Brand Activation

How on earth do you sell or even promote a life jacket/vest without being too obvious or boring, EVEN if it seems like common sense? Well, French water sports brand Tribord invented a canned beverage called Wave, then  dubbed it “the worst drink in the world” and offered it to passersby on a seaside boardwalk.  […]

Send A Tweet To Coke

Coca-Cola’s #CokeMyName Let’s You Interact With A Billboard Just when we thought the amazing drinkable billboard by Coke Zero was amazing, Coca-Cola has launched another eye-catching outdoor idea, this time in Times Square. The “Share a Coke” campaign  continued by showing fun facts about the names of people who tweet to the signs hashtag #CokeMyName. […]

A KFC Bucket Selfie For Memories.

Ever go out with your friends and wanted to take selfies and instead of posting them to Instagram, you wanted those memories in hand immediately?? Well, KFC Canada and ad agency Grip Limited have just the novelty for you! The new “Memories Bucket” is a KFC bucket filled with chicken as usual, but is able to […]

Two Invisible Billboards

  The world of social media and rise of the never ending Internet is soaring at it’s greatest, but that doesn’t mean that outdoor advertising, specifically billboards- is completely dead!   The latest response to billboards being out of sight, is exactly that – Seamlessly blending them into their surroundings.    Artist Brian Kane did […]

The Samsung Safety Truck

Massive trucks on the road and trying to overtake them without crossing your fingers hoping not to die, is the worst. Samsung is trying to fix this issue with their new Safety Trucks. It is a relatively simple idea which involves a wireless camera mounted on the front bumper of the truck.  It transmits images […]

You Can’t Make This Stuff

Denver Water’s long -running “Use Only What You Need” campaign conveys the message that never runs dry. Their installments all across Denver, Colorado, were brimming with artistry. The agency used diverse materials such as colored pencils, Post-it notes, clay, crushed soda cans, Lego pieces, yarn and string to create 10 original hand-made installations. Each art […]

Recharge Yourself

Samsung Belgium promoted the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 with an innovative concept of recycling unused charging cables and creating hammocks, seats and other types of furniture. One of the S6’s main features is wireless charging, making this cable configuration amazing. Evy Puelinckx, well known for her recycling solutions, collected over 3km of […]

Parallel Park Like A Boss

Parallel Park Like A Boss   Imagine driving in your car heading for town to meet up with an old friend for coffee, and coming across the dreadful lack of parking in a congested road, with options to parallel park almost everywhere. We all know how sucky it is to parallel park, but when you […]

Famous Logos Evolve Before Your Eyes

Famous Logos Evolve Before Your Eyes   Here’s a fun and super awesome- to- watch project by Zing, who have taken some of the well known  famous logos and turned them into historic GIFS.    You can literally just sit here for hours on end and watch as each logo morphs from old to new, […]

Touch The Rainbow

Touch The Rainbow The Skittles team at BBDO Toronto always have their usual wacky campaigns around products we love. This time, they’ve figured out a borderline juvenile if not hilarious way to get you to physically interact with Youtube videos on your screen.  You simply place your finger where they tell you to, and watch […]