Mickey D’s Goes Digital

Mickey-Ds Goes Digital

All the futuristic fun was taking place earlier this week in Downers Grove, Illinois..hmm why does America get all the fun? Anyway..The McDonalds fast food franchise took the initiative in testing out a cool new ordering concept called ‘Create Your Taste’. 

This is an experience quite different to your regular fast food joints, let alone any other McDonalds restuarant. It’s fast food with much more emphasis on the ingredients – the beef is cooked differently and cooked to order, with a customised array of condiments and sides that require you to actually sit down and wait for your order.

The lame part is obviously the waiting, as we all know the word ‘fast’ in fast -food actually means something quite literal..BUT the reason why this concept is cooler than most, is the entire process of ordering the meal via a large touch screen which greets you immediately upon entering.

The above pictures depict how the screen is used and how easy it is to add ingredients to your customised meal. The variety of choices is unbearably large, as one has to consider the type of bun, kind of sauce, type of cheese and even foods that wouldn’t be found at a regular McDonalds.
This was merely a technology test to elaborate on the wonderful future of user friendly and customised service. It will obviously take some time to create a more fast-paced set up so as to not gather frustrated customers at each outlet. 
I feel McDonalds is heading the right way with this concept and one can look forward to a more ‘gourmet’ filled hamburger, like the amazing one below reminding me that lunch time is around the corner.
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