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Social Media Will Take Over The World

Social Media Will Take Over The World.   So we all are pretty familiar with various social networks on how to use them and how NOT to use them, and slowly but surely our daily lives are being consumed by all forms of social media! We thrive on selfies to gain acknowledgement and some sort […]

True Facts About Everything

True Facts About Everyday Life   Danish writer/artist duo Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler created comedic cartoons as well as graphs depicting everyday struggles, irritations and insights of today’s westerners. These graphs show unofficial statistics from our daily lives that are once unexpected and also glaringly obvious.   Take a look at these comical graphs […]

Be A Hero For The Kids!

BE A HERO FOR KIDS! This interactive social ad on a sidewalk in South Korea is hard to miss or even ignore, especially at night! The billboard shows the silhouettes of an adult man and a child that he’s threatening with a bottle in his hand. And there’s an empty space between the two, big […]

A Mini Billboard Suite, For The Homeless.

A Mini Billboard Penthouse? Yes Please!   These billboards are no ordinary structures, with just a face and advertisement print upon them. These are little homes for the homeless people to stay off the streets.   One anonymous man behind what is being referred to as the Project Gregory in Slovakia decided to re-purpous the […]

20 Honest Logos

20 Honest Logos…it’s true!   Loads of companies invest in large amounts of money to make their brands look flawless, however even the top brands can’t deliver perfection. Clif Dickens, a graphic designer from Nashvill, USA, decided to point out these flaws on his blog, called Honest Slogans (one of my faves).   Instead of […]

The Hippie Mobile

 THE HIPPIE MOBILE!   This gem of a vehicle takes you back to the 70’s, when everything was “RAD” and people said  things like “NO worries”, ‘peace, love and happiness’, and all the super psychedelic jargon of the past!    This hippie mobile gave our workshop a visit and gave us flashbacks of the good […]

Windowless Aircraft Of The Future

Windowless Aircraft In The Future  A new era of passenger airplanes travel seem to be an idea of the future, BUT an idea that may actually take form! A UK-based tech innovation company Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) has unveiled a new concept for planes with the windows replaced with display screens stretched out throughout […]

An Imagination Emporium

An Imagination Emporium   A 36,000 Sq Ft Mural Covers The Ceiling Of This New Market Hall In Rotterdam   One of the biggest architectural projects in Europe in recent years, the Markthal Rotterdam, finally opened it’s doors on October 1st, welcoming visitors with a food market and housing development space, that’s 312 000 square-feet. […]

China Goes Green

CHINA GOES GREEN.     The China Environmental Protection Foundation in collaboration with Jody Xiong from a Chinese creative agency DDB presented a very direct illustration of how walking more and driving less can help the world.  This is exactly how you advertise and make a statement for all to see.   The creators of […]

Swingin’ On A Billboard

SWINGIN’ ON A BILLBOARD   Old and abandoned  billboards shouldn’t have to stay vacant and rusted, especially the ones closer to the ground in areas where people are constantly moving around going about their daily lives. How amazing would it be to have a billboard converted to a swingset?? Many people would pass on by, […]