China Goes Green


The China Environmental Protection Foundation in collaboration with Jody Xiong from a Chinese creative agency DDB presented a very direct illustration of how walking more and driving less can help the world. 
This is exactly how you advertise and make a statement for all to see.

The creators of the ad unfolded a 12.6 metre-long and 7 metre-wide white canvas on the pedestrian crossings in 15 cities in China, with a huge bare tree drawn on each. On the sides of the sidewalks they put huge sponge cushions soaked in green paint which would leave paint on pedestrian’s shoes. As a result, every step (literally) made the tree go greener and greener.

This inspiring campaign was designed to promote environmentally- friendly decisions, such as walking instead of driving. It was estimated to have involved almost 4 million people, creating 132 trees on the crossings. After the campaign, the print work was exhibited at the Shanghai Zheng Da Art Museum.

Times like these, when advertising gets creative and starts to involve the community, really make you appreciate the lengths that companies will go to make a statement. 


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