100 Years Old, And Still An Icon

With over 300 billion of their products produced in the century since it’s invention, Coca-Cola is a signature product with an outstanding legacy. Billions of people across the globe have held it’s signature product in their hand.
Most importantly Cola- Cola, not the drink, but the bottle it comes in. 

This signature bottle known as the Hobble- Skirt or Mae west, Coke’s green-glass container is the most famous piece of packaging in American history let alone the world.

Celebrating it’s centennial this year, Coke’s bottle has featured in different forms of media, all creatively and artistically. 

“We all have our first memory of drinking from this bottle. It’s part of our culture, ” says Coca-Cola’s global design director Deklah Polansky. “I like to say that a logo belongs to a corporation but an icon belongs to people. It’s the love of generations that’s made this bottle what it is. “
While Coca-Cola’s bottles are more commonly made from aluminium and recyclable PET plastics these days, that fluted, wide- hipped profile remains a constant. A beautiful, significant and memorable attribute.

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