21 Days of Charity Work

 Giving a Helping Hand, to Those who are in need.

At FrontSeat Group we love to give back to the community and show them just how much we care. 
Every year in June, MTN  hosts a campaign called 21 Days of Y’ello Care. 

This is when the MTN staff help people who are less fortunate than themselves for 21 days. They have various focus areas which they select from every year, where the staff can choose to give time, energy, care and/or financial assistance. The various focus areas are Education, Health, Economic Empowerment  and other national priority areas.
For 2014, the focus was on Education, so MTN chose to cast the spotlight on the digitisation of teaching and learning as part of their 21 Days of Y’ello Care activities. The Mpumalanga region requested our company to assist with sponsoring signage and a Computer Lab that they would like to be  refurbished at Barbeton Secondary School.
FrontSeat Group took upon this challenge with open arms.
The school was supplied with a PVC sign, chromadek sign and Perspex sign which were installed inside the computer lab. We also painted the lab door yellow and branded their windows with contra vision.
Part of MTN’s vision is ‘to lead the delivery of a bold, new Digital World to our customers’, and the digitally printed media that we installed emphasizes on passing that message across- “Connecting Children to the Digital World”.
You can learn more about this initiative by going to their website at www.mtn.co.za  under CSI-21 Days of Y’ello Care.

The door to the computer lab went from murky teal …..

….To a super cool yellow!!


The classroom windows also needed a little character, maybe to indicate to outsiders that this classroom was different…..
….so we added some signage work on each window pain, in the form of contravision vinyl, to spell out that Barberton had a computer lab.
More signage was placed upon the classroom as well as store room doors, with MTN messaging.
Welcome to the new world, Barberton Secondary’ !!
The signage was all sponsored by FrontSeat group on behalf of MTN.


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