Greytown’s A Happy Town!

At FrontSeat Group our aim is to always make sure we help create brand exposure for companies who are serious about brand recognition.
A great project executed for one of our top clients MTN, was the branding, painting and installation of boards using  their signature yellow colour, all over the taxi rank of a Kwazulu Natal town, called Greytown.
Greytown originally enjoyed a fair amount of importance, playing ‘little elephant’ to Pietermaritzburg’s place of the elephant. The area around Greytown is awash with rolling sugar cane, pine, wattle, gum and poplar forests. This town is truly beautiful and filled with a happy and friendly community.
Through a written letter to the Umvoti Municipality and Greytown Taxi Association on behalf of MTN, we were given the go ahead to bring a little bit of their town to life, with the MTN symbolic yellow colours and branding that can be spotted from a mile away.
The taxi rank quickly went from being a dull, murky green to a super powerful and vivacious yellow, thanks to our skilled FrontSeat team.
It took our contractor approximately two weeks to complete all the painting of the pillars and walls surrounding as well as erecting the Taxi Rank structure. Manufactured PVC frames to place the MTN boards was also completed within this time frame. We installed destination boards for each isle as to make it way more convenient for the commuters of Greytown.



In addition to the wonderful work done to the Taxi Rank shelter, we went as far as to clean the public toilets allocated around the area, painting them Yellow, for that needed brightness and making it more comfortable for the daily commuters.
This Taxi Rank is allocated in close vicinity with a KFC as well as plenty other supermarkets, so the brand awareness created for the brand within this area will truly be appreciated.



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