The Markex Experience!

I recently was graced with the opportunity to visit the Markex (Marketing expo) at the Sandton City Convention Centre here in Johannesburg, and boy was it busy!
People from all over the country came together, exhibiting all their company’s attributes, samples and creative craft under one roof. It was exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. So much to see, taste, touch, hear, smell and experience all in one place, I couldn’t wait. I took to taking as many pictures as I could on my smartphone, because what better way to be a blogger than to take snapshots of almost everything you see. 🙂
What I gathered about the many stands on site within the expo, was that many companies were of an events marketing nature, whereby their main focus was to create different atmospheres in the forms of themes for corporate or casual company functions alike, this was a little disappointing as I was anxious and excited to seeing elements along the marketing trends being that of digital and futuristic design, but I guess this is a trend in itself for clients, it’s about who hosts the best parties right??
 Here’s my Markex experience through the lens of my Samsung:
It started off with a company called Fizz, which works on events management (obviously) and they help you make your events as professional and corporate as possible, for those more serious places of work. Company heads were at the forefront in networking with these guys, which is pretty awesome for them.

Along the way I came across some marketing savvy guys, who felt they wanted in on the publicity, so taking a snapshot of them was satisfying enough, as they are as happy as can be. Their exhibition stand was super impressive as it had beautiful lighting and a great way of showcasing their work to the masses. 3D Designs has some super friendly and enthusiastic people, as well as futuristic and colourful stand creation work. Well Done!

Their main focus is actually in creating exhibition or point-of-sale stands for all types of companies who seek to stand out from the rest. You could literally see their stand from blocks away, because of all the high resolution LED lighting.

There were other companies who’s main initiative was the creation of exhibition stands too, and their platforms spoke volumes for what they would probably be able to create for other companies as well.

Take a look…

If you are looking towards that large innovative and cost effective wooden and modern effect, The Exhibitionist was the company for you.

Or maybe you would like your clients/customers to escape for awhile to another country’s setting, in the middle of Paris or even London, then Les Nouvelles would be the perfect company for you, as they create artificial layouts that seem so real, that you could tell people you were actually there, and judging by the photographs they wouldn’t second guess you. Hello Instagram!

I just loved how beautiful and well structured their exhibition stand felt. Good quality and  perfect scenery!!

And the telephone booth, actually had a phone in it!! We definitely don’t get these babies around here!!


One of my favourite exhibition stands was that of 3D Deco! Their main mission in life is set on a whimsical and beautiful atmosphere set with different smells, sounds and features that would literally blow your mind!!
   I can’t even  begin to describe just how wonderful their work is, so I will just leave you with beautiful snapshots of their past event creations. Think Avatar!!


 Alice in Wonderland!
Forest theme

Roof Deco

Printed Stretch

Full room transformation

Lastly was my ultimate favourite – MONSTER -Productions and events. They are one of the best company’s in the country when it comes to corporate events, promotions or company year end parties. They make sure that when you use their service for your events, you get the full package- Decor, Design, Entertainment, Music, Drinks and Food.
Their stand featured a large screen showcasing all their past events and what their all about!
A cocktail bar, lounge, entertainment and possible VIP area ,
And of course free drinks for those who came to view and learn more on the company’s features.


The bartender served me what they call a Monsterito, which fulfilled its name, texture and taste, a fruit explosion in your mouth!. Yummy!


The Expo was an overall success, but I believe I arrived far too late and missed out on what could have been more action and snapshots for this blog, but ah well, what really sealed the deal, to a perfect end to the day was a beautiful snapshot of the late Nelson Mandela from a company which creates picture frames.
Eat your heart out!! I would kill to have one of these in my home!
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