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With over 10 years in the signage and branding industry, FrontSeat Group continues to grow in becoming leaders of signage & branding  within the Informal market.


To provide innovative out-of-home media solutions for our client

To develop signage that breaks through the clutter, connects emotionally and in a functional way, to the intended target audience.


The team combined bring skills, knowledge and extensive media, marketing and sales experience.

It is our intentions to further develop skills and impart knowledge to the pdi’s through training and practical experience.

Company Profile


Front seat is 100% black owned and controlled, 60% of management is female. Front seat , where possible, uses empowered suppliers.

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Our Case Studies Symbolizing Our Resilience Over The Years



Local and International Signage and Outdoor News

7 Ways To Improve Your Financial Situation Right Now!!

We've all been struggling with this one at some point in our lives and the biggest question is always…



Put A Moustache On It!

It's that time of year again, where we take a stand together in fighting for a cause. It's Movember !…

A Mini Stage For The Kids

We recently received a request through a company client to create a make-shift stage for a much deserving…

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and here at Frontseat Group we have vowed to show…

Creative Knits For Homeless Kids

Who thought wool wasn't cool? Or that yarn-bombing wasn't a thing?- because it is. A group of Brazillian…

You Steal this Ad And Get Rewarded

More than 100 New Yorkers recently took jetBlue up on it's offer of free flights and other cool stuff,…


Maecenas vel est neque. Maecenas vulputate mauris ut turpis consequat, et pulvinar odio facilisis. Sed…

The Coca Cola Tattoo Can

This concept isn't forever, but we sure hope it was,  Coca-Cola started off National Hispanic Month…

Technology vs Reality

Technology has completely taken over the world, and if you've been left behind, well that is exactly…

Back To School - McDonalds Style

McDonald's wants all the school kids going back to school from the summer holidays to remember all the…

100 Years Old, And Still An Icon

With over 300 billion of their products produced in the century since it's invention, Coca-Cola is a…

Remove Makeup Off A Magazine!?

Finally, a product sample that actually shows you how it works! Neutrogena and agency DM9DDB worked…

Genius Brand Activation

How on earth do you sell or even promote a life jacket/vest without being too obvious or boring, EVEN…

Send A Tweet To Coke

Coca-Cola's #CokeMyName Let's You Interact With A BillboardJust when we thought the amazing drinkable…

A KFC Bucket Selfie For Memories.

Ever go out with your friends and wanted to take selfies and instead of posting them to Instagram, you…

Two Invisible Billboards

  The world of social media and rise of the never ending Internet is soaring at it's greatest,…


Yet another fantastic year and it's Nelson Mandela Day, one of my personal most favourite days of the…

The Samsung Safety Truck

Massive trucks on the road and trying to overtake them without crossing your fingers hoping not to…

You Can't Make This Stuff

Denver Water's long -running "Use Only What You Need" campaign conveys the message that never runs…

Recharge Yourself

Samsung Belgium promoted the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 with an innovative concept of recycling…

Parallel Park Like A Boss

Parallel Park Like A Boss   Imagine driving in your car heading for…

Famous Logos Evolve Before Your Eyes

Famous Logos Evolve Before Your Eyes   Here's a fun and super awesome- to- watch project by Zing,…

Touch The Rainbow

Touch The Rainbow The Skittles team at BBDO Toronto always have their usual wacky campaigns around…

These Potholes Are Tweeting

These Potholes Are Tweeting    In Panama City, the people aren't the only ones complaining…

Outdoor Media Gets Contagious

Outdoor Media Gets Contagious   This interactive outdoor campaign by Lew'Lara is a sleepy…

Shots Fired At Selfie Sticks

Shots Fired At Selfie Sticks   We all take about a hundred selfies just to pick one to share…

When A Billboard Goes Wrong

When A Billboard Goes Wrong   This billboard by Esurance (a home insurance company)  in Chicago,…

An Ad You Can Climb On

An Ad You Can Climb On An agency in Stockholm called Snask, made a huge 3-D poster for their…

Edible Billboard! Yes Please!

Edible Billboard?? Yes Please! This is the first edible billboard and we are excited just…

Just Another Vending Machine Stunt

Just Another Vending Machine Stunt ....or is it? Decked out and almost ridiculous looking vending machines…

The Real Apple Store

The Real Apple Store   Don't come looking for the iPhone 6 or even that gorgeous  new Macbook…

South African Flag Visible From Space

South African Flag Visible From Space.   An economic driver and sustainable symbol of hope.   FCB…

A Billboard That Makes You Drunk

A Billboard That Makes You Drunk Help yourself to a cheeky pint! We all thought the Coke Zero…

It Was Never A Dress

It Was Never A Dress.   The universal sign for bathroom signs is typically a man in pants and a woman…

Mickey D's Goes Digital

Mickey-Ds Goes Digital   All the futuristic fun was taking place earlier this week in Downers Grove,…

What Would You Choose?

What Would You Choose? What if upon entering a building you were asked to choose what category you…

When The Cat's Away..

When The Cat's Away...(creative employees)   "When the cat's away the mice come out to play"- an…

Rainy Day Brand Activation

Rainy Day Brand Activation Almost everyone loves the smell of rain but not the water damage…

Butt It's For A Good Cause

Butt It's For A Good Cause   Sitting down with low rise jeans carries the risk of one exposing their…

Digital Marketing Trends Of 2015

Digital Marketing Trends of 2015   Digital Marketing is taking a rapid leap into being the best marketing…

Wall Wraps Put Us In A Happy Place

Wall Wraps Put Us in a Happy Place!   Who would have known that the simple use of vinyl designed into…

Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane?

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?, No...It's Captain AQUAFRESH!!     FrontSeat Group together…

Street Trash, Real Talk

Street Trash, Real Talk!   Alot of cities, all around the world suffer alot of pollution, mainly…

Social Media Will Take Over The World

Social Media Will Take Over The World.   So we all are pretty familiar with various social networks…

True Facts About Everything

True Facts About Everyday Life   Danish writer/artist duo Mikael Wulff and Anders Morgenthaler created…

Be A Hero For The Kids!

BE A HERO FOR KIDS! This interactive social ad on a sidewalk in South Korea is hard to miss or even…

A Mini Billboard Suite, For The Homeless.

A Mini Billboard Penthouse? Yes Please!   These billboards are no ordinary structures, with just a…

20 Honest Logos

20 Honest's true!   Loads of companies invest in large amounts of money to make their brands…

The Hippie Mobile

 THE HIPPIE MOBILE!   This gem of a vehicle takes you back to the 70's, when everything was "RAD"…

Windowless Aircraft Of The Future

Windowless Aircraft In The Future  A new era of passenger airplanes travel seem to be an idea…

An Imagination Emporium

An Imagination Emporium   A 36,000 Sq Ft Mural Covers The Ceiling Of This New Market Hall In Rotterdam   One…

China Goes Green

CHINA GOES GREEN.     The China Environmental Protection Foundation in collaboration with Jody…

Swingin' On A Billboard

SWINGIN' ON A BILLBOARD   Old and abandoned  billboards shouldn't have to stay vacant and rusted,…

There Are Two Kinds Of People

There Are Two Kinds Of People WHICH ONE ARE YOU?   Zomato, is an ultra cool website I stumbled…

Vehicle Branding Advantages

VEHICLE BRANDING ADVANTAGES     The most effective way to advertise and promote…

Branding Done Right!

BRANDING DONE RIGHT!   Every year the Department of Human Settlements hosts a national ceremony called…

Digital Signage Fails

DIGITAL SIGNAGE FAILS   Digital Signage is a market that is creating a stir in the media, signage…

5 Types Of Signage No Retailer Can Ignore

5 Types of Signage No Retailer Can Afford to Ignore   by Katelyn Gray from SmartSign. If you…

42 Powerful Social And Environmental Ads

42 Of The Most Powerful Social And Environmental Ads    No matter how tired and irritated we might…

MTN Donates A Computer Lab

MTN Donates A Computer Lab   The 21 days of Y'ello Care Campaign hosted by MTN really paid off, not…

Nelson Mandela Day

NELSON MANDELA DAY! On the 18th of July it was the late Nelson Mandela's birthday, which as the whole…

21 Days of Charity Work

 Giving a Helping Hand, to Those who are in need. At FrontSeat Group we love to give back to…
Signage in the Future       Fernando Barbella decided to give himself a preview of the future. In…

Digital Media Can Be Satisfying.

The world today is full on Social and Digital Media. Everything we touch, hear and see has to do with…

Greytown's A Happy Town!

At FrontSeat Group our aim is to always make sure we help create brand exposure for companies who are…

The Markex Experience!

I recently was graced with the opportunity to visit the Markex (Marketing expo) at the Sandton City…

Flashback Wednesdays!!

The KFC Mini Cricket Project of year 2012     KFC usually runs a yearly Mini Cricket Campaign,…

Out-of- home Media

The traditional billboard is getting a face lift. The advertising game has had to adapt to modern technology…

Be Brand Savvy!!

Here at FrontSeat Group we believe in creating strong branding recognition/ awareness for our clients,…

FrontSeat loves MTN!

MTN is one of our largest clients, and we make sure we deliver only the best completed work for them,…

Busy With LiquorLand!!

Our latest client Media Active, required a few name boards to be completed by FrontSeat Group for LiquorLand,…

Tapping the Informal Market

LIQUORLAND   The one stop, liquor shop with over 200 stores nationwide, was our latest client…

Vehicle Branding differences.

We are constantly branding cars for labournet and many other companies, whether it be the need for…

BIG WORK, small company!

THNK DEVELOPMENT, a subsidiary of FrontSeat Group recently created a roll-out and launched it for VKB,…

Putting Up A Billboard

This is just a typical example of the effort that goes in to erecting a traditional billboard. At…

OutDoor Media- Moving on Up!!

The world of Outdoor Media in South Africa is quickly climbing the global market ladder, but should be…

Traditional Billboards are our strength!!

Its only fair for us to brag, just a little, about our brand new Billboard towards the Lanseria Airport.…

Rollersigns - Anything else is just a waste of space

RollerSigns are a huge hit on the market, cinema and restaurant scene at the moment. Used for crowd control…

Welcome To Frontseat Group!

FRONTSEAT GROUP   Welcome to the world of signage, outdoor media and large format digital print. An…



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